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Dr. Donato, Thank you for helping me on my journey to become a better-ME. I appreciate your patience and effort in more ways than you can imagine! Yay for 1 year clean !!! Thanks a MILLION!? - L.N. (2017 March)

Speaking as a professional colleague and also a patient, you are an excellent physician in every sense of the word. When I checked those boxes that was how I truly felt. Anyone that has you as their physician is a very blessed patient. During my career over 38 years, I referred many a patient to a neurologist. None of them even came close to the qualities that you have as a physician. Your bedside manner, as well as your expertise in the field of Neurology, is by far the best that I have ever seen. Your practice is the kind of medicine that I was taught in medical school and I also has the same ethical standards that you have and use in your practice. I miss my patients but I do not miss the extremely busy field of medicine. It has changed so much and I knew it was time to retire. Just keep doing what you are doing Dr. Donato because you have a secret in your manner of practice that so many physicians either have lost or they never had it to begin with!!! Please stay in touch. - Dr. Brown (2019 January)


I have been a patient of hers for a while now and my life has completely turned around ever since. She actually cares and makes sure that you are following the treatment plan. I have been 100% sober since the first day I became her patient. In my opinion, I don't see how she could ever have a bad review. If it's a bad review then it's probably an angry patient that got kicked out because they were still using. And as far as her not tapering patients' meds, that is a lie!!! I started at 16mg and I'm down to 4mg now. She does it slow. THE WAY ITS SUPPOSE TO BE DONE. I would recommend Dr Donato to anyone. She has changed my life. -Anonymous 2015 December

Dr. Donato runs right on time and keeps appointments running very smoothly and timely. I've experienced very little wait time, if any, for appointments. For my initial visit, Dr. Donato was able to see me the following day, whereas other doctors I tried were scheduling several weeks out. She is very friendly and talkative, while making sure the patients needs and issues are heard and resolved. Lastly, I appreciated that she works to find the most cost-effective solutions. Highly recommended!  -Valerie in KC, MO | Jun 24, 2016